5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Drone Photography

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Drone Photography


Just out of reach of the autofoto stick longer and lower in helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicles can capture what no other technology in general is allowed or can be captured. This is especially liberating in a world where 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.

1. Ready Fly
Find a decent place in the life of your drone drone. Start with a place of inspiration – for example, follow the aerial photographers on Instagram (I have a very good image of the unmanned aerial meal if I say so myself). Then make a list of nearby places and regional plot points. Use tools like Google Maps to examine the feasibility of each of your ideas. If you are going to go there, think about what could be the background of the image and how the light could interact with the subject at different times of the day.

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Unmanned Aerial Photography
2. Start your way
Make an effort to steal when the light is more attractive. The Golden Hour refers to the sweet, yellow light that fills the sky as the sun begins and ends its journey across the horizon. The Blue Hour is another special stage of the day when the vibrant blue tones resume the sky before the morning sunrise and after sunrise in the afternoon sun. Light is an essential ingredient for each photograph at those special moments and provide opportunities for visual artists, both on land and in the air.

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Unmanned Aerial Photography
3. Composition with intent
Lines, patterns and geometry are the most powerful design elements of this new medium for high flying. The lines have incredible implications for the composition conscious, as they have the power to direct the human eye from the foreground to the bottom of the photo. The models are of paramount importance in the unmanned plane photography from the height allows pilots to experience visual rhythms that can easily disappear from the ground. Finally, geometry is a pillar reflective frame for shapes, especially those that interact with each other, our eyes are kept moving along the frame.

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Unmanned Aerial Photography
4. Effective Perspective
Obviously, the main benefit of membership that allows you to control with the perspective of your UAV. Consequently, for a visual drama it can bring a different perspective to life. Remember that the best photographs are not necessarily taken at maximum flight altitude. Usually the place unmanned aerial photography is just a few feet above your head. At about 10-100 feet in height, you can create sharp images, but nuanced with close-up shades backgrounds and intermediate backgrounds can guide your viewer through a unique visual experience. It was also at this point where the invisible can best be grasped.

5. charge up
Capture several unmanned drone batteries for the best photographic experience. With a battery you can explore all of your surroundings and consider a list of points of view, compositions and notable executives. Sometimes you can also venture into distant scenes that show visual promises and begin to discover the unexpected. You can then pass your entire second battery into running your flat list to perfection. If you are looking to capture motion pictures, add a third battery in which you can fully devote your efforts to captivating filmmaking.

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Unmanned Aerial Photography
There is a new technology on the horizon and with the right knowledge, you can also be at the forefront of this thriving industry.

For more useful tips and useful information on how to get started with unmanned photography, you can order my recently published book, The Unmanned Aircraft Photography Manual.

Chase Guttman is an award-winning travel photographer and an expert on unmanned aerial photography (featured in travel photography during NYIP) who has won three times the photographer of the year for young travelers. Guttman was also named Best Travel Photographer Photography Blogger 3 by USA. Today and Rising Star by Instagram. He has traveled to more than 55 countries and across the United States and recently wrote a pioneering book on buzz photography. You can follow it on Instagram.

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